Cloudpasta a Nextcloud instance you can try

First written onOctober 4, 2022
Last updated onOctober 8, 2022

Introduction #

Nextcloud is a set of client-server programs for file hosting and collaboration. A web UI and clients are available for several operating systems.

Here is a video explaining Nextcloud:

Cloudpasta #

You can try my Nextcloud instance called Cloudpasta by registering. It’s free up to 5 GB as you can see from the table here:

Name Size Price
Free 0 B < size <= 5 GB free
50GB 0 B < size <= 50 GB 1.5 € / month
75GB 0 B < size <= 75 GB 2.0 € / month
100GB 0 B < size <= 100 GB 2.5 € / month

Terms and privacy policy

Deploy your own Nextcloud #

Nextcloud server and client software are all free (as in freedom) so you can also setup your own instance. You can follow my instructions on ftutorials.

Encryption #

I strongly suggest to encrypt your files if you are not the owner of the instance you are using. More of this is explained in the advices.