This is a personal reminder for the operations to do in case of a new version release with some of my Python repositories.

Please note that this page is deprecated and will only be kept for historical reference. Have a look at the workflow page for an updated version.

Rules #

  • Use md_toc as an example blueprint.
  • Assume that the root of the repository is ./.
  • Variables are marked with braces and the dollar sign, e.g: ${variable}.
  • ${MAJOR}, ${MINOR} and ${PATCH} refer to the varaibles reported on the Semantic Versioning document.
  • 3.5 <= Python version < 4
  • commits and tags must be signed; run these commands once per repository:

    git config commit.gpgsign true
    git config user.signingkey ${gpg_signing_key}

Workflow #

  1. go to the project’s directory
    1. cd ${project_name}
  2. check that the current branch is not master
    1. [ "$(echo git branch | grep "*" | tr -d '* ')" = "master" ] && echo "STOP" || echo "OK"
  3. finish working on the development branch, ${dev_branch}, and commit
    1. if needed, create a new asciinema demo file and upload it
      1. cd ./asciinema
      2. if there have been changes from the previous version
        1. touch ${project_name}_asciinema_${MAJOR}_${MINOR}_${PATCH}_demo.sh
        2. modify the ${project_name}_asciinema_${MAJOR}_${MINOR}_${PATCH}_demo.sh file accordingly
        3. asciinema rec --command=./${project_name}_asciinema_${MAJOR}_${MINOR}_${PATCH}_demo.sh ${project_name}_asciinema_${MAJOR}_${MINOR}_${PATCH}.json
        4. asciinema play ${project_name}_asciinema_${MAJOR}_${MINOR}_${PATCH}.json
        5. asciinema upload ${project_name}_asciinema_${MAJOR}_${MINOR}_${PATCH}.json
        6. edit the ./README.rst file with the new asciinema link
      3. OTHERWISE, if there have been no significant changes from the previous version
        1. ln -s ${project_name}_asciinema_${MAJOR}_${OLD_MINOR}_${OLD_PATCH}_demo.sh ${project_name}_asciinema_${MAJOR}_${MINOR}_${PATCH}_demo.sh
        2. ln -s ${project_name}_asciinema_${MAJOR}_${OLD_MINOR}_${OLD_PATCH}.json ${project_name}_asciinema_${MAJOR}_${MINOR}_${PATCH}.json
    2. git add -A
    3. git commit -m "${commit_message}"
    4. git push
  4. if necessary, update version numbers and requirements
    1. update version numbers in:
      • ./setup.py
      • ./docs/conf.py
      • all downstream distribution packages (see the ./packages directory)
    2. update the ./Pipfile with the appropriate packages
    3. make install-dev
    4. make doc
    5. make pep
    6. make test
    7. make install
    8. cd ~ && python -c 'import ${package_name}' && cd ${OLDPWD}
    9. make uninstall
    10. make clean
    11. update copyright years, emails and contributors in:
      • ./README.rst
      • ./docs/conf.py
      • ./docs/copyright_license.rst
      • all Python source files
      • all downstream distribution packages (see the ./packages directory)

      update changed files only

    12. git add -A
    13. git commit -m "Preparing for new release."
    14. git push
  5. update the documentation
    1. make clean && make doc
    2. rm -rf ~/html && cp -aR docs/_build/html ~
    3. git checkout gh-pages
    4. rm -rf _modules _sources _static _images
    5. mv ~/html/{*,.nojekyll,.buildinfo} .
    6. git add -A
    7. git commit -m "New release."
    8. git push
  6. merge the ${dev_branch} branch into master and create a new annotated git tag
    1. git checkout master
    2. git merge ${dev_branch}
    3. git tag -s -a ${version_id} -m "Some sensible comments highlighting relevant changes from the previous release."
    4. git push
    5. git push origin ${version_id}
  7. upload the package to PIP
    1. make clean
    2. make dist
    3. make upload
  8. upload the package on the software page:
    1. follow the instructions reported here
  9. update downstream distribution packages
    1. AUR
      1. copy ./packages/aur/PKGBUILD file in the project’s AUR git directory (${projects_aur_git_directory})
      2. copy the signature file in the project’s AUR git directory (${projects_aur_git_directory})
      3. go to the project’s AUR git directory
        1. cd ~/${projects_aur_git_directory}
      4. update the sha512 checksum in the PKGBUILD file with the one in the software page
      5. test the changes
        1. makepkg -rsi
        2. remove all the build files and the installed package
          1. rm -rf pkg src *.tar.*
          2. pacman -Rnus ${pacman_package_name}
      6. update and push
        1. makepkg --printsrcinfo > .SRCINFO
        2. git add PKGBUILD .SRCINFO
        3. git commit -m "New release."
        4. git push
  10. if needed, update the entry on the Free Software Directory