Quitting GitHub

First written on September 2, 2021
Last updated on October 8, 2022

Mass censorship, privacy violations and trackings are surging everywhere right now.

Given Microsoft’s acquisiton of GitHub in 2018, the temporary censorship of youtube-dl, GH’s Copilot, I don’t think GH is a good place to store my repositories anymore.

GitLab (gitlab.com instance) is not a good choice either because they block TOR users:

$ torsocks --isolate git clone https://gitlab.com/pycqa/flake8
Cloning into 'flake8'...
fatal: unable to access 'https://gitlab.com/pycqa/flake8/': The requested URL returned error: 403

Moreover, they have the annoying captcha and the anti DDOS things that never work which prevented me from logging in with some browsers so I removed my account there.

Have a look at these posts for other reasons:

Anyway I will keep the account for now in case I have to contribute to some project hosted on GH.

Current hostings #

For the moment my repositories are hosted here:

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